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The India news channels are quite efficient in catching the news from all the directions and acting as the right source of disseminating the information to the receiving resources, i.e. people.

The growth of media and particularly, news channels had been tremendous during the recent years. Whatever may the news and wherever it may be, they won’t delay a single minute in fetching the information to provide as the news to the public in the country. You could also see the competition existing among the news channels in India, as every channel is trying hard to win the top position. This competition is healthier too, as it pushes the news channels to the next step that is ahead of them, which in turn is the advantageous growth to the mass communication cadre of the country. But at the same time, there are also few negative points about these channels. Especially their proactive characteristics, when it is coming to gathering the entertainment news and the celebrity gossips, is way to beyond the boundary of tolerance.

I would like to provide an example, i.e. it was during the time, when there were gossips buzzed regarding the relationship between the celebrities, Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachan in India. One news channel was over reacting, as they went into the shrine and verified whether both of them were married. This really annoyed me at that time. Of course, I understand that the news channels have to provide the entertainment news in a more vibrant way and in a dynamic manner, but I think that some news channels are really wasting too much of their time in unnecessary, or non-productive news. But we could not narrow down the positive attributes of the news channels with few existing negative outcomes.

When I think about the advantages of having these news channels, the first feature that pop out in my mind is that the discussions, debates, and the analysis regarding the current political affairs… in fact, there are many similar features like this, which are making these news channels to play a significant position in the country. Coming to the discussions/debates, they are really doing a great job. What they do is, they invite public people, celebrities who are related to the particular issues, and leaders, etc… to discuss and arrive at conclusions on the issue. By this way, they are creating awareness to all the major issues that are happening in the country. This is really exciting and should be appreciated too, for example, according to my perception, the program, ‘We the People’ conducted by the NDTV correspondent, ‘Barkha Dutt’ is the best program that would fall under the category of ‘Eye Opener’ to India and its people!

The vast development in technology is one of the greatest supporting factors of the India news and channels. The present trend is that, people nowadays are sending their comments, reviews, and opinions, via social networking mediums, such as Facebook, and Twitter, etc… hence, people are also getting connected with the news channels. One of the major reasons to achieve this growth would be the India news channels. Because, people have become more confident and bold, because of the strength that have been induced into them by these news channels. Thanks to the development of news channels in India. There wouldn’t be any objections for the fact that the news channels are making India to progress fast and vast in the entire world!

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